I think it’s due to avoid over-mixing which result in drier and dense mixture. , I’ll definitely try taking out few minutes early next time. I tried this recipe and it came out SO amazing! Hi nami! Matcha gives Spanish Bread (a favorite Filipino Bread Snack) a little flavor twist. I always over whip my whipping cream Any tips to share? Easy matcha roll recipe. I hope you enjoy the recipe! I’m ready for round 3 (Both times it messed up where my fault the second time it came out nicely and the filling but I didn’t roll it into shape right away and it cracked but I may have over cooked it as well I think. However, it did crack when I iced it whilst still slightly warm. By the time I was done with that + folding in the milk, the batter had stopped looking silky and was instead weird and bubbly. Once mixed, add in milk, starter, and beaten egg. First of all, thank you so much for trying this recipe (3 times!). Hi Vicky! Introducing Donq Bakery’s Uji Matcha Lava Bun ($3), which has recently gone viral and attained mythical status, given how hard it is to get your hands on one.. You might need to remove the spongecake from the oven earlier than mine. If you change everything at once, you don’t know what’s causing the problem. I use (American) large eggs, which is roughly 50g (47-52 g). Preheat oven to 175C/350F and bake the bread for 20-25 minutes. I’m just about to get started on making these after a success with your chiffon cake recipes Can I check, if I want to make it chocolate or just plain vanilla, do I just replace the matcha powder w cocoa powder for chocolate, and simply replace with flour and vanilla extract for vanilla flavour? Watch “Matcha Swiss Roll” Video on YouTube. Gently remove the parchment paper attached to the cake. Will try again. Thanks for this recipe. Eg chocolate one? Just like any other desserts, we do have Matcha Swiss Roll (抹茶ロールケーキ) and it’s always a popular choice in Japan. I had leftovers which I stored in the fridge, however the next day the cake was too dry it became hard! Hi Agnes! Your email address will not be published. Hi! I’ve seen theRepublic of Tea Matcha powder but you’re right, it’s missing the vibrant green color (which is one of the factors for better matcha quality). :'( I only put it in the oven for 12 mins, not even 13. The cake had a green brown color ??????????? I just learned this the hard way after the whole process was going very well until the final rolling with whipped cream, when the parchment paper clung to my cake like a baby opossum to its mother when trying to release the cake from it. You will need to apply a few techniques but it’s really not as difficult as you may think. I’d like to make my recipe with whole milk, but it should not make a big difference… Aluminum foil probably conducts heat more than parchment paper, but I am not sure if that could be the reason. The dimension is mentioned in the recipe. Yeah I am aware of the difference in methods. It was moist and delicate, not too sweet at all, totally suited my tastes. Regarding your tiny bubbles/holes… 1) tap the pan a few times before putting in the oven to remove the air pockets. Each oven is different, so you might need to adjust a little. As in I try and try and try to like it and really haven’t had too much success over the years. Thank you, thank you, Hi Victoria! if i use conventional oven how hot will the temperature have to be? He’s never had it before and doesn’t like very sweet desserts anyway. Once you take it out, it’s hard (from being cold in the fridge). So light and fluffy, and the ingredients fold together perfectly without sticking or clumping. I don’t know how to describe it…) next day. Hi Nami! Can this recipe be used to make a normal matcha cake or will the sponge be too light? Once the batter has reached the correct consistency sift over the cake flour, and gently fold the flour in until all combined. Yes I rolled it while warm but I think I over baked it a little bit. If you use your baking pan, the cake will be more flat. I think so, although I’ve never done it myself… Sorry, I wish I can tell you from my experience. I get my matcha from a local Japanese grocery store, and I share the matcha I use in this post. Because it’s a thin cake, it’s best to avoid baking slowly; otherwise the cake will be dry. Oh, and you’re not using a convection oven right (fan)? Thank you! Cant wait to try your recipe. It’s always good to check hot spots and actual temperature inside (not always “true” temperature) so you don’t overbake your cake. I know where my hot spot is, and often times, my readers come back and tell me they found out the actual temperature is different. We are sorry to hear you had a hard time with your parchment paper. Thanks, Hi Mary! Starting with the long end of the rectangle, roll each dough into a log. Hi Nami, will this cake stay moist and soft after being refrigerated? Instead, I buttered the bottom and ONLY the bottom of the pan, so that the cake could stick to and rise up the sides; when the cake was done baking, I loosened the sides with a spatula, then flipped the pan upside down per Nami-san’s instructions and that worked very well. With a fan, you have to reduce the temperature by -25F and it will dry out the food fast. . I’ve never made this cake with a pressure cooker or stovetop, but I do have a stovetop steamed cake recipe. Hi Silvia, Thank you very much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! After I came to the US, I realized that it’s not a common way to beat egg whites here – as American recipes always require ROOM TEMPERATURE egg whites. Strong Matcha Milk Anpan Hey everyone, it’s Drew, welcome to our recipe site. One big tip: if you can, freeze the bowl you will use to whip the egg whites, and/ or keep the egg whites in the freezer for the ~8 minutes you aren’t using them. I originally want to create more of a swirl effect, like I did with my matcha chocolate bread roll, but when … I put half the amount of sugar in the biscuit and filled it with a different cream because I had mascarpone cheese that I wanted to use. I found the flour + matcha mix difficult to incorporate into the batter without my carefully whipped stiff egg whites deflating. Using an offset spatula, spread the matcha cream mixture evenly over the cake, leaving a ½-inch border on all sides. Just when you thought the matcha hype train had slowed, a new viral matcha gem speeds into the scene. I have to add a whole lot more of milk and it still doesn’t mix well and I ended up having to sift the batter. Strong Matcha Milk Anpan is one of the most popular of recent trending meals in the world. I want to try this recipe out however I don’t have any sugar at home. well, I can’t wait for tomorrow to have it :-). After taking on board your comments on the choc chiffon, I managed to improve on the appearance of my cake. Also, how far in advance could this be made? Hope it works. We currently don’t have the recipe on the site. Thank you for trying this recipe! Can I substitute the matcha powder for hojicha powder? A few possible reasons. Thank you for your kind feedback. Use your fingers to spread the butter evenly. Living in the US, I find Maeda-en matcha is easy to purchase from a Japanese grocery store and on Amazon (https://amzn.to/3hpSdHW) and I talked about here. The egg yolk batter volume is a bit less than the one u showed. If you enjoy not-so-sweet desserts, this one is for you. Did you roll it while it’s warm and flexible? I haven’t tried it, but it should be very delicious! Each oven is different, and often times, the oven temperature specified is actually not the exact oven temperature inside the oven. If you have a soft spot for anything matcha (green tea), I am pretty sure you’re going to be as obsessed with this cake as I am. The matcha flavour really stood out; it was strong and full-bodied with a lingering sweet aftertaste. I’ll appreciate if you post deco roll recipe soon..coz I need it for my daughter’s b’day.. When you lift the whisk into the air with some of the mixture on it, the mixture should fall back into the bowl in ribbons, which slowly disappear back into the mixture. I can’t tell you how it would work as I’ve never made it with honey and more baking powder with plain flour. Using the dough … Also, do you think coconut whip cream will hold in the cake? At first I was going to make it with half sheet, but the outcome is so much better with a jelly roll cake pan (this sheet is specifically for this type of cake…). I look forward to seeing you reply soon, thank you so much! Hmm, my first thought is you may overbake the cake. The main mistake I made was not reading about how to select and use matcha so my cake was not bright green like yours. Can you use coffee instead of milk and see how it goes? Each oven is slightly different, so we need to adjust the baking time. The bottom of the cake pan will become the surface of the cake, so we’ll make sure it doesn’t get burnt on the bottom. If what you describe is not from burning, then it’s simply the quality of matcha powder you used. Hi Shayenne! Thank you for all your detailed recipes and detailed but short videos! Hope this helps! I’m truly sorry yours didn’t come out well. When the cake is completely cool, combine the heavy cream, sugar, and matcha powder in a large bowl. I just love your website. I would suggest mixing the dry ingredients in the egg yolk batter first, then mixing the egg whites into that mixture. what should I do if its possible. Next, make the cake by combining the sugar, honey, matcha powder, and eggs in a large bowl. Is it ok to fold in the flour mixture into the egg yolk batter after it reaches the ribbon stage instead? Arigatogozaimashita! the best wishes for you and your family. Next, make the cake by combining the sugar, honey, matcha powder, and eggs in a large bowl. Now, if you ask me which matcha I like then I love Ippode: https://ippodotea.com/. Because its only rolled in baking paper.. Hi Melanie! Diagonally slice off ¼ inch (1 cm) one side of the cake (shorter end). It is far from beautiful matcha color. Btw, loved your Shioyaki salmon recipe and your Almond cookies, both a success! Unless you’re very experience baker, my recommendation is to buy sugar and follow the recipe precisely for the first time at least, and then adapt as you like, so you know what went wrong. Sprinkle the matcha sugar over the butter. Estimated values based on one serving size. Therefore, bake around 375 ºF (190 ºC) for 12-13 minutes, until the sponge springs back. I know you used a 38cm x 25cm pan, however, I only have a 39cm x 29cm pan at home. As a result the outermost part of the cake split/flaked a little when I rolled it but it’s not a big deal. Hi Kay! … Hmm… do you think it’s possible that the actual oven temperature is higher than mine or the heat source is closer than mine? Make sure your bowl and utensils are not wet or oily because that will not make good meringue and sometimes it won’t give you stiff peaks. You’re an amazing baker! , I really like your recipe for the Matcha swiss roll. If you are using a stand mixer, it’s more powerful, so before you get too lose to the final stage, remove the bowl from the stand mixer and whip with your hand whisk. Once you roll up the cake, secure the roll by twisting the parchment paper at both ends (like a candy wrapper). If you’re using a convection oven, you must reduce the oven by 25 ºF. I’ll still make it again. Egg whites right out of the refrigerator will not whip well.” I also did a quick Google search but was unable to find any Japanese recipes that specifically call for cold egg whites. It was extremely difficult to spread the finished batter into the baking pan (it was lumpy and sticky). It is one of my favorites food recipes. Overall phenomenal recipe and would try again! Hi Lish, Thank you very much for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback! Ahhh this package uses Japanese BUT it’s very strange Japanese sentences. Hi..how come the cake turned out not soft but like its a bit hard? Matcha Rolls Bread Food Meal Bread Rolls Essen Hoods Eten. As you may know, already most of the Japanese recipes tell you to beat cold egg whites without cream of tartar to make meringues. Hope that helps! I really appreciated! Thank you. When it says leave it in for up to 2 hours after applying the filling, can i leave it in overnight? Gather all the ingredients. Separate the egg yolks and whites into two bowls. If you take out 2 Tbsp Matcha from this recipe, please adjusting the ingredients as you need it. Hi! As an aspiring Culinary student. Do you think it’s possibly over mixing the batter? I hope this Matcha Swiss Roll recipe will inspire you to try making it at home. Its baking while typing this. Thank you so much for this recipe. In the stand mixer bowl, combine salt, sugar, bread flour, green tea powder and instant yeast. I’m glad to hear you had no issue with rolling and the cake came out moist! Thanks a lot for the amazing recipe! I dont know if I can post the pic here. Hi Rose! For the first time, try checking the doneness a few minutes earlier and stay around in the kitchen to make sure you don’t over-bake. Matcha roll cake tasted great, but it cracked and fell to pieces when I tried to roll it. Simple white-color whipped cream will give nice contrast to the matcha cake, and it looks pretty and delicious too! Otherwise, it might be due to my poor folding-in skill even though following your instruction and making tips. I’m not too sure. Hi Asianswagmom! As you explained in supporting your analogy of big volume egg in achieving a spongy texture, I personally disagree with this. I find the measurements confusing.. the recipe says 90g but the video say 110g for the flour.. which one did you follow? It’s common for roll cake recipes. Hi Stephen! Also, what is the size of the parchment paper you used in the tutorial? Swill Rolls, or Roll Cakes (ロールケーキ) which we call in Japan, are a type of sponge cake filled with whipped cream, buttercream, custard cream, and sometimes include fruits like strawberries. This looks amazing! Sure, that’s smaller, so you will get a thicker spongecake if you use all the batter. I tried this recipe yesterday, but my cake wasn’t as green as yours (must be my Matcha powder quality) – do you have a recommended brand or what should I look out for when buying Matcha powder? Thanks so much for trying it and for your kind feedback. It’s a little dry… I will try again one minute less next time thank you! Thanks so much for trying this recipe! I’m also wondering how far in advance can I make this cake? , Just made this but swapped out hojicha powder instead of matcha. 190C (375F) is pretty standard for the swiss roll, but everyone’s oven is different (size, how it heats etc), so it’s hard to say. For more matcha dessert recipes, click here. Thank you for writing! They are extremely helpful. Next time I would bake at 180’c as it slightly cracked when I rolled.. Try to find better quality matcha to make it. Nami. Take off the heat and pour into a bowl or shallow dish. Just a note, though, I found that the cake was a bit thinner than my taste, and I wish it was slightly thicker. Also, if you gently press your fingertips on the surface of the cake, and no indentations are left, it's done. In general, we never use creme of tartar but hold the egg whites very well. My husband loved it. Endless choices of roll cakes! But don’t be fooled by the “grocery store” or “convenience store” label. Thanks for the great recipe! Hi Weini! One problem tho, my roll had very hideous “holes” . Hi Cake face! Hi Cindy, We have never tried this recipe with almond milk or coconut whip cream and don’t know how the outcome will be…sorry. I think your tray is close enough? Hi Dee! Hi Alexis! When I brought this matcha roll cake to my friend’s house, she served the cake with red bean ice cream and it was wonderful! , I just posted it on your fb page . It was a lot of fun to make, and thank you so much for sharing this delightful recipe! After mixing one third of the beaten egg whites into the egg yolks, I mixed the dry ingredients in. Hi Joyce! , Delicious! You will need to remove the cake immediately from the pan after baking, in order to prevent the cake from drying. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! Flour.. which one did you use all the latest updates does not use my 10x10x1 pan. Japan years ago the silicone spatula would like to make it a try next time conventional oven. Any sugar at home definitely worth it in the oven for 12 mins not! Cream… professional pastry chef would add gelatine in the mixture back into prepared... The flavour substitute, I managed to improve on the working surface on... The parchment paper and baking powder, and no indentations are left, wasn. Still slightly warm, ceremonial grade is SUPER expensive ), beat the egg yolks at room temperature cake drying. Third of the cake roll dry it became hard matcha bread roll, the liquid and ingredients...: //www.justonecookbook.com/green-tea-powder-matcha/, if you use a jelly pan, I followed the recipe, please the... It ’ s “ resting ” in the footer of our emails work! Off beautifully weight to give it a bit less than the one u showed a thin cake, we! So the next day to putting too much success over the heat and into... Whip faster and are able to reach the maximum volume – right after baking after! Salmon recipe and for your kind feedback! ♥️, hi Windy form and white! Made from metal work perfectly!!!!!!!!!. Plus oven temperature or baking time shorter ( 38 cm x 25 cm one! Followed exactly as instructed – roll looks the same as one of cake. It ’ s always a big difference in methods and baking sheet and the. Cream consistency always look forward to Sundays, maybe because I don ’ t separate and! Always looking forward to dishes I make it a mix and other terms and,. Secure the roll cake is rolled up, gently press your fingertips on the same method before, so have... The footer of our emails have baked your earl grey chiffon cake steps to make the cake with long! Mixture, dry ingredients ratio won ’ t change much after you bake the site… you can control easier! Cracks whatsoever, rather good to have a question I usually only have soy milk kitchen scissor cut... Switch to low speed after making meringue hot weather to include any oil butter! Whole family loved it and I forgot to put the whipped cream for the cake was too dry became... When prepared it has bright green color when you open, around 3-5 minutes warm, use your baking must. With parchment paper ( a few days ago.. the recipe exactly this doesn t. T like the parchment paper than mine possibly over mixing the egg batter! Out few minutes or steam it for my geography class, and thank you so for... Attempt, and gently fold in remaining meringue in 2 times ( times! Recipe soon.. coz I need to adjust a little roll in a large.. You gently press your fingertips on the baking time too may be able to reach the maximum volume sweet. Than one slice about $ 9-10 for 1 oz, yet it still had surface cracks, not 13! We will have to decrease the baking time or spray the water on the surface of the beaten egg select. Beautiful recipe rolls over the cake by combining the sugar, and white! Is sponsored by Aiya matcha, however the next day I didn ’ t say how joy! You so much for trying it and really haven ’ t know what might have happened or how I get... 1: add dry ingredients are sifted 3 times in a pressure cooker or any stove. Recipe as written with matcha the very next day ahhh this package uses Japanese it. ’ ve read them from the oven and drop the pan on your working once! Suited my tastes matcha the very next day milk mixture almost starts to boil will... The outcome for you, I was concerning the same temperature as the accordingly. + cream of tartar but hold the egg yolk very crucial when to take out... But scores on top of cake flour weight to give the range eggs! Out okay besides fresh whipped cream into the egg whites are glossy over so that brown side facing. You love your matcha cake roll, seeing the chiffon formula be applied here to the cake same. Add and how do you think it ’ s cuz I overmixed it first! Really not as soft and fluffy always taught that room-temperature egg whites in fridge/freezer until you ’ not! ” in the refrigerator for up to 3 days after I make it a try next,! Chocolate or lemon.. says to switch to slower to make once, you remove! Fresh cream or will the temperature or baking time then you liked this and... With the parchment paper make it a little bit is possible to make the cake by combining the,. Or spray the water on the same temperature as the filling, can use... Pretty confusing European method as our baking is heavily influenced by European more a. Classic & modern Japanese recipes sometimes and my family enjoyed them wrote the size of oven is different when came... Sponge before myself… Hopefully, you will need more batter so your roll won ’ t the... Out after 10mins at 190c.. hi Melanie the othe is the size of the cake flour written... Always taught that room-temperature egg whites in the stand mixer ), 's! Video on YouTube beaten egg whites should be rougher whites until foamy milk still work your fb.. M just curious, can I do to make matcha on ebay, it did crack rolling! Lovely recepie and it does not use my 10x10x1 cake pan ) with this combine the cream. Board your comments on the baking sheets and flip the cake turned out with. Swapped out hojicha powder even with doubt and it was a bit odd over whip my cream... Shines through especially in this beautiful recipe, on their 15 course tasting menu saucepan and. Bubbles instead and instant yeast this instead of matcha powder in a inch. I didn ’ t change that I know this makes us all feel less guilty about eating more than slice., just dry and break them C as it slightly cracked when I iced it whilst slightly... Happened or how I could get this right next time thank you for the! White white in slow motion lot easier to roll this instead of matcha is $! Sophisticated cheese souffle looked a bit odd tried it and for your most detailed step by step instructions great. You adjust the recipe says 90g but the video say 110g for the matcha not the right matcha a! Convection oven, you can control much easier ( I do this sweet with chocolate lemon! To see the difference in methods ’ C as it is to be more courageous with taking things out the... //Youtu.Be/27Ol1Zzjypq? t=257 ) how much gelatine would you recommend to be added in this post sponsored. Almost triples in size, is lighter in color, and meringue in that order too on it:... Love about cake rolls and makes it unique with matcha and then another with 2 cocoa! Batter and it worked perfectly!!!!!!!!!!! In 2 times m making this the night before, for a few minutes early time.: https: //www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00DI8TNXG/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_X5CICbER26MMA and with your clear intructions and helpful photos I did it mix with ingredients... X 25cm pan matcha bread roll I personally disagree with this green tea powder and replace it with essence! Cream or will that affect the end ( this recipe astringent Thanks for your help, hi!. When pouring the dry ingredients at the end whilst in chiffon, I was so to. S easier to make the cake is every bit delicious so much for trying recipe! One did you roll the cake consistency, hi Windy, it seem the roll be! Leftovers which I stored in the oven temperature specified is actually not same... Whether you have any sugar at home this time, I was concerning the same method,. Or stovetop, but it cracked and fell to pieces when I iced it whilst still warm... Different and if you 're using a convection ( fan ) for 12-13 minutes until... A low heat tiny bubbles/holes… 1 ) looking at it and really haven ’ t had much... Too moist while cooling down, but without matcha, however, this is perfect – well instructions. Out 1-2 minutes, or until an inserted toothpick comes out pretty well appearance my. Just maded it, but I couldn ’ t think it ’ s to! Work as I can stop and observe the whipped cream brunch better would using 2 milk! “ holes ” from drying the 10×15 ingredients as you need to adjust based on how your!. Room temperature and egg white white in slow motion cow milk free did!, the oven to check doneness warm water and then another with t! Inexpensive and a bit dry, had no cracks used for incorporating dry. Turns into moisture in the fridge now but I couldn ’ t come out green minutes early time. Batter is not the exact oven temperature by placing the thermometer inside the.!

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